CCC Club Race Day 1

CCC Club Race Day 1

RACE TYPE: Canterbury Car Club
DATE: Sun Aug 4 2024
TIME: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mag & Turbo Club Race Days
Round 1 – Sunday 4th August
Drivers – Entries are open through
Please get entered by Midnight Wednesday the week of the event. Late fee applies after this


Spectators – Free to come watch thanks to Mag & Turbo Chch

Club level racing for all levels of driver and car.
Emphasis on safe, fun racing.

For the 2024/25 Season the dates of the rounds are:
Round 1 – Sunday 4th August
Round 2 – Sunday 8th September
Round 3 – Sunday 8th December – Racing on the 2.44km Club Circuit
Round 4 – Sunday 13th April
Round 5 – Sunday 18th May

Classes at all rounds: Open Saloons, Club Saloons, Continental Rennsport, Open Wheelers

See below for a description on eligibility for each class.
All classes get a qualifying session and 3 standing start races each

Pit garages – A small fee will apply to reserve a Pit Garage for the day, bookings through your entry form. Positioning in the garages is first in first served.

Entry fees for Club Race:
$230 if entered prior to the Thursday before the event
$280 after this time
Payment can be made on the day however you can pay via your entry form or with a transfer to the CCC bank account 02 0865 0020166 25

Driver Requirements:

All drivers require a Motorsport NZ C Grade Race Licence

Minimum Safety Gear: For a full description on the required safety gear please check with the event regulations and Motorsport NZ Schedule A
For all classes:
– 2-layer SFI/FIA race suit
– Compliant Helmet
– FHR (Forward Head Restraint, eg HANS)
– SFI/FIA Race Boots, Gloves, Balaclava, socks & full long underwear


Car Requirements:

All cars to meet Motorsport NZ Schedule A or Schedule AA rules


Race Formats, Classes Racing at Club Days:

  • Open Saloons 
    No breakout times.
    Longer races – 8, 8, 12 laps
    1 Bracket Handicap Race (race 2)
    Classes within this grid:
    GT (cars lapping under 1:30)
    Note – class cc ratings include correction factor for turbo, s/c, rotary
  • Club Saloons (Previously Clubmans)
    Laps no faster than 1:40 on the Ruapuna GP Circuit
    Sprint races – 6 laps
    2 Bracket Handicap Races (Races 2 & 3)
    Non championship class. Low key, fun racing
  • Open Wheelers
    Laps 6, 8, 6
    All fastest to the front standing start
  • Continental Rennsport  (click for more details on Rennsport Racing)
    Continental Rennsport Open and BMW E30’s classes
    Grid formats as per individual event regulations

What is a bracket handicap?
The timekeeper/handicapper will create a staggered, revered grid start with cars starting at 0, 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

Car definitions:
Saloons – For the purpose of these classes, a saloon car is considered to be a car with 4x enclosed wheels, exception being “Sports Racing Cars” eg Radical which would run with Open Wheelers.
Includes what MSNZ define as a Sports Car or GT Car (Porsche, Datsun etc.)

Open Wheelers – This class is often known as Formula Libre. All Single Seater / Open Wheeler race cars.
Including but not limited to: Formula Ford, Formula Renault, Open Wheel Sports cars eg Lotus 7.


Timing Transponders –
These are required for all race events. They can be hired for a small fee with your entry at each event.
Alternatively you can lease or purchase them from MyLaps 
For more details see the calendar page for each event, or contact:
Canterbury Car Club office: 03 349 6003 8:30am – 5:00pm weekdays

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