2023/24 Season Ruapuna Dates (other location(s) to be added):

Club Race Day 1 – 20 August 2023
Club Race Day 2 – 1 October 2023
Speed Festival – 11/12 November 2023
Club Race Day 3 – 10 March 2024
Club Race Day 4 – 5th May 2024


Introducing the Continental Rennsport Class and Points Series

Continental Rennsport is the new evolution of German Rennsport, and as the name suggests, it is a race class especially for those who love to race continental European saloon and GT cars. All recognised continental branded vehicles are eligible, so Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lamborghini, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Yugo etc can all race along with the traditional German brands.

Continental Rennsport caters to two types of drivers. Those who choose to race in the group just for the fun of it and those who want to enter a series championship by racing in a class within the Continental Rennsport group. This means in any race, there will be those going for trophies and those who are doing it simply because they love it.

The old Rennsport ethos of keeping rules out (accepting those around safety standards) and promoting an inclusive attitude is still there and high standards of driver behaviour are a rigorously enforced cornerstone.  Respect, camaraderie and fun are key elements, expect to be offered and asked for help when it’s needed.

Introduced this season is the Continental Cup Championship, a points based series, over five meetings. Further to this there are other trophies to be contested for such as the BMW Championship, Porsche Championship, and others yet to be revealed.

Winning The Continental Cup is not just about “the bloke with the fastest car”.  It’s about strategy and the right car/driver combination. A points reward and allocation system has been especially developed for the series meaning that someone with a budget European saloon or GT can potentially win if they put the effort in – turn up, keep the car running well, and drive fast and safe.   Points are up for grabs!


This combination of events spread across the season makes for an exciting and fun competition not to mention a story or two to be told over a cold beer.   To find out more about Continental Rennsport and the events planned, Canterbury Car Club administration will connect you with the right people, Tel 03-349 6003, admin@canterburycarclub.co.nz

Continental Rennsport Rules

Following is a very good document written by the North Island BMW Series, which we feel captures the essence of Continental Rennsport:

We love our motorsport.
We enjoy the camaraderie of racing door to door with our friends, we enjoy the scream of the engine on the red line, we enjoy finding another tenth of a second on our fastest lap, and we enjoy getting past that driver who has always been that fraction quicker.
Between races there is talk and laughter in the pits – a new young driver who is showing potential, a great overtaking move, or the swapping of the lead at the front of the field. We are amazed when competitors pit crews drop everything to find parts to get our own car back onto the track after an unexpected breakdown.
Our wallets appreciate that the costs of the series are achievable, that our cars relatively inexpensive to build and run, and that there are few breakdowns and damage on the track.
At the end of the day we all enjoy tall stories and cold beer.
This is who we are.
There are other drivers at higher levels of motorsport who race on a different plane. They must win at all cost, will give a push where a push is required, who talk the talk of politics, and have a budget that makes damage affordable. If you are one of these drivers, then you may not be a driver for us.
Our series may be lower in terms of budget, but we aspire to a higher level in terms of our driver behavior, respect for our fellow competitors, camaraderie and enjoyment of our sport. By racing in our series you have the benefit of knowing that your fellow competitors will treat you well, and that you in turn, will do the same.
The race committee is fully committed to and strongly endorses this culture and will do whatever is required to maintain it. Some drivers may not fully understand its importance and act in ways not consistent with our values, and the committee will act to ensure that change will occur.
Our culture rises above the rules. The rules are set and enforced by MotorSport New Zealand and represent the minimum standard expected of a driver, but our culture expects more. MotorSport New Zealand are solely responsible for enforcing the rules, and beyond this, the race committee will enforce the culture.
Above all, enjoy yourself and provide an environment for others to do the same.
Be fast, be safe, and be respectful.

Continental Rennsport Regulations

1) The Continental Rennsport Register members must be financial members of the Canterbury Car Club

2) Prizes, trophies, points and any other rewards based on points are the administrator’s responsibility. Within the Register, race classes may be run for the purpose of point accumulation and/or recognition of places. It is not a requirement that cars and drivers need to be in a race series to participate in Continental Rennsport Races.

3) All marques must be a Saloon or GT type car with an engine from that same marque, and listed as follows:

Audi, BMW, BMW Mini, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Alpina, Volkswagen, NSU, Auto Union, DKW, Horsch, Trabant, Wartburg, Maybach, Daimler (pre war), Gogomobile, Smart, Veritas, Opel, Messerschmitt, Heinkle, Borgward, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari, Seat, Renault, Peugeot, Volvo, Saab, Yugo, Skoda, Lamborghini, Maserati, Lancia, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Tatra.

Continental Rennsport cars must fall within the range of a maximum lap time of 110.00 seconds (1:50) and a minimum lap time of 85.00 seconds (1:25) for one flying lap of the Ruapuna GP circuit.

Any times that exceeded these ranges will result in instant dismissal of the driver/car combination from further participation from racing Continental Rennsport for the remainder of that day. This regulation was developed with the interests of driver safety in mind. How cars are governed, if required, is free.

4) Slicks are permitted.

5) Race etiquette is to be observed at all times. By definition, the Code of Driving Conduct Schedule Z Section 12, as outlined in the MotorSport Manual must be adhered to. There is no room for “professional fouls” in Continental Rennsport races. Driving infringements under Schedule Z of the manual will be dealt with by the Race Management appointed on the day. The onus of responsibility is on the passing driver in the first instance though should a fellow competitor forcefully take a race line from another competitor, then Continental Rennsport etiquette states that the driver who has been offended against should take evasive action to avoid the contact. The offended driver may have the right of way, but that driver may not force contact upon the offender.

Continental Rennsport will appoint a non-competing member to act as Driver Liaison for each meeting who will, among other things, observe driver behaviour and encourage dialogue between drivers where contact has occurred. In these circumstances an Incident Report Form should be completed in an endeavor to establish an understanding of the incident and in conjunction with the Driver Liaison a ruling based on this report may be made. Genuine mistakes accepted, any avoidable contact, however small, between cars is strictly forbidden. Breaching these guidelines may result in your placement and possible points within a class being null and void for that race. In addition, the driver and car combination is to be stepped down from racing Continental Rennsport for the rest of the remaining day, and potentially will not be allowed to enter the next Continental Rennsport meeting. Continued offending will result in total expulsion from the Continental Rennsport Register.

Driver Liaison

By agreement of the Continental Rennsport committee a Driver Liaison will be appointed for all Continental Rennsport Race Meetings. The Driver Liaison shall represent Continental Rennsport Interests to Race Management of the day and should liaise with respect to any issues which may arise with any competitor. The Driver Liaison representative is encouraged to view each race from the control tower so they are aware of incidents as they happen and can gain the best possible viewing of the race. Any point of contact should be directly with the CRO in the first instance and could also be with timing and results to instruct or assist them to determine Continental Rennsport handicaps in good time prior to any race. Race incidents within the schedule will be dealt with by Race Management, however where incidents occur outside the schedule and are deemed to be contrary to Continental Rennsport etiquette then the Driver Liaison should seek each driver’s point of view, encourage them to discuss the situation together and where possible agree on a course of action. Where no agreement is reached the Driver Liaison may choose to make a ruling based on his/her observation of the incident.

6) All cars must be kept clean and smart in their presentation, and must display the Continental Rennsport Register’s official logo as well as any required sponsor graphics.

7) All Continental Rennsport cars must have a minimum of a 4 point Roll cage installed to homologation standards as cited in the MotorSport New Zealand Regulations.

Continental Rennsport Points System

10 points for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd, 8 points for 3rd and so on, downward to 1 point for 10th place and/or completion of the race.

1 point for every year of age of the actual vehicle entered.

10 points for running DOT rated tyres throughout the series.

10 points for having a current WOF and registration on the car throughout the series.

10 points for completing qualifying.

In the event of a tie on points, the oldest driver defaults to the higher position on the points table.

One car substitution can be made for one meeting, but points are allocated only on race result position, (no bonus points allowed).

Contact between cars is forbidden. Any contact will be recorded and potentially points will be deducted at the discretion of the Continental Rennsport appointed authority.


Above all else, the Continental Rennsport Register is about upholding the values of good sportsmanship with clean racing on the track, and associated camaraderie.

Viva Continental!

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