Circuit Sprints

Circuit Sprints are an entry level clubsport event. Club membership and MSNZ licence are required to enter. Free to spectate

Canterbury Car Club Clubsport Event

Dual Car Circuit Sprints and Single Car Circuit Sprints

Circuit Sprints

RACE TYPE: Clubsport
DATE: Sun Jan 20 2019
TIME: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
EVENT HOST Mike Pero Motorsport Park

Dual Car Circuit Sprints are a Clubsport Event. Competitors need to belong to a MSNZ affiliated car club and hold a minimum of a MSNZ M Grade licence. Grids of up to 12 cars form up on the grid and are flagged away in pairs, usually 3-5 seconds apart. They race for 3 laps on various tracks throughout the day.

Racing starts after 10:30am

Spectators – Free

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